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Cleveland CycleWerks is a motorcycle manufacturer specializing in affordable, quality products.  We currently sell our products worldwide, and have distribution in 23 countries.  

2015 Cleveland CycleWerks Homecoming

A huge thanks to everyone who showed up for the event and shared their stories with us.  Massive respect to the hardcore riders ( who camped out at the factory all weekend long!  Thank you for sharing this wonderful weekend with us!  We also unveiled our new Generation II Misfit to North America!  

Bikes promptly arriving at Noonish, you know biker time.

More bikes arriving

Tony doing his thing, smoked, yes, aged, yes, delicious, yes!

Brock, mocking up some apes.

Misfit unveiling

Jeff Gallo the man behind was presented with a free Ace for all of his hard work and dedication on the riders site.  He works many hours on the independent site with no expectations.  We wanted to surprise him, and say thank you for his tireless work and support!  Thank you Jeff!


Friends and Family!

One of the group rides!

Cleveland Homecoming Pre-Party @ Whiskey Island

Boat rides to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, drinks, good friends and good stories shared by all.  This year's pre-party was a success!

The calm before the party

Cleveland's North Coast, Whiskey Island Marina!

Cleveland's North Coast, Whiskey Island Marina!

Trading stories, enjoying Cleveland's North Coast!

Custom everything!

What happens in Cleveland, stays in Cleveland…….

Photo Gallery Below:  

It's just one of those days.

We are out here every day, trying to make it, growing the business, doing the work, improving the bikes.  No corporate backing, no government aid, just 2 guys a little bit of stupidity and a dream.

Oh My, ain't that the American dream!  Thanks to everyone helping make it happen!

Cleveland CycleWerks in Thailand

Cleveland CycleWerks, and our Partner in Thailand, Stallions are working with the best of the best, in terms of dealers, and custom builders.  

Below is one of our custom dealers Zeus Custom.  Neil, our General Manager from China, is overseeing and getting production setup on the Heist (Iron-One). 

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