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Cleveland CycleWerks is a motorcycle manufacturer specializing in affordable, quality products.  We currently sell our products worldwide, and have distribution in 23 countries.  

It's a movement! CCW at the ABM

Why does CCW get so hung up on Japan?  We feel that many Japanese riders and dealers understand what CCW is trying to bring to the market.  It is not just about the bikes, it is about the do it yourself culture and the small custom shop culture that makes building bikes like we do possible.  We support the small dealer making small runs of beautiful custom parts that fit just perfectly on our bikes.  We love custom and it is built into the DNA of motorcycles.  

Our stock bikes are designed from the ground up to be very clean and customizable products.  We design the bikes to be modular and easily changeable.  Our few thousand bikes a year can be exactly what we want them to be.  Clean, simple, custom machines for the person who is comfortable with the fact that affordable is cool.  Great style does not have to cost more, live within your means, save that money.  No one needs a mortgage payment on a motorcycle, that's a chore, bikes are freedom machines. 

As CCW shifts our focus on new models exclusively for the CCW brand (IE, no more private label, or selling to distributors to brand under different companies in different countries), we will continue to push the modular design approach, and we hope setup more dealers who understand the vision.  Our bikes are becoming platforms to easily change components, and allow for many custom opportunities.  Not a new concept, we are just making it much more affordable.  

So, to bring it down to earth.  This little shop here represents so much to CCW.  This shop sells mainly CCW product after transition out of their other brands.  This is a small independently owned and operated custom shop in Kagoshima, Japan.  This is where custom bikes are born!  We look forward to seeing the custom parts, custom bikes and vision from the crew @ ABM.  We hope to setup more shops like this, that can really service the customers with the ability to build an extremely affordable custom CCW bike, turn key and ready to go. 

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