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Cleveland CycleWerks is a motorcycle manufacturer specializing in affordable, quality products.  We currently sell our products worldwide, and have distribution in 23 countries.  

Respect the Passion!

The motorcycle industry is unlike any other industry.  We get to do what we love every day.  Everyone at CCW has made their hobby and passion into a reality.  We get to work on, with and around bikes every day.  A hobby that turned into a career.  We thank every customer who has supported us, and everyone that has helped us along the way.

This video is inspiring to us for 2 reasons.  

1.  This is not that different from how CCW started, these guys are passionate and walk an interesting path……

2.  If this video encourages a few people to follow their dreams, to push through the shit and persevere for what you love, then it is worth it.  Keep on pushing, success is just around the corner!

Respect the passion!

Have to give Pipeburn credit here, spotted this on their site!  Great content gents, had to share!


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