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Cleveland CycleWerks is a motorcycle manufacturer specializing in affordable, quality products.  We currently sell our products worldwide, and have distribution in 23 countries.  

Getting to know the people who make your Bikes.

CCW makes product that people desire.  There is only one reason we do motorcycles and that is because we are absolutely obsessed with bikes.  Below is a little background on Scott, the co-founder.  

(Scott)  I can certainly tell you that we have a toaster in in the house, and I am sure that I bought it.  The toaster is a manufactured object designed and engineering.  A toaster is a product made by people, just like CCW’s motorcycles are designed, engineered and manufactured by people.

The people who make toasters do not go to toaster gatherings with 250,000 (Moto GP @ Laguna) or 500,000+ (Sturgis) other toaster lovers .  I am sure there is a toaster museum somewhere, but here are thousands of small motorcycle museums like Mendon Ohio Harley Davidson (Link Here), to full fledged (baller status) collections such as Barber Motorsports museum (link Here).  This is a passion business for everyone involved, (the manufacturer and the buyer).  This is a pretty unique industry to be involved with.

Motorcycles have a soul.  That is what makes us love a 2 valve Ducati parallel twin just as much as we love a SR500 flat tracker with its single lung, sohc head.  These machines all have a unique fingerprint, a certain tone, a sound, a feel and a place in our subconscious.  Those are the sorts of bikes that CCW wants to make (no not literally), we want to create bikes that move people, bikes that say something to the rider.

My obsession with bikes really started when saw my first Ducati Monster (now you older timers have to remember I am a young guy, so it took a long time for me to go back and appreciate an old desmo or BSA, Norton, etc.), so my obsession really started there, grew into racing (crashing) and then into custom building bikes, and now into making bikes.  What came before motorcycles?  Bicycles and CARS CARS CARS…….  an obsession since birth.  So cars, ok.

The below project was completed at CIA, for a Chrysler (Jeep) sponsored semester.  This is CCW, before CCW.  This project was about re-imagine an icon (Jeep).  This is the same thought process we put into every bike, (slightly) refined it over the years.  


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