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John's build for his Son!

John’s son turned 16 this month, so he thought this would be a perfect time to finish his Heist build and surprise his son when he got home. Still need to finish fabricating the exhaust and wire turn signals and tail light but this is what he came home to Saturday.

The pegs in the second to last picture are 30mm rounds turned out of aluminum with o-ring grooves added, (the original 30mm round is also pictured left). Ostrich seat with USMC stitched in it, standard flat 7” rear fender, early Harley luggage rack, front emblem is from Marine Dress blues cover (hat), antique binocular case for tool bag, early metal canteen to balance out the back of the bike & welding a gatling gun exhaust for it.

John’s uncle rode a WLA in WWII, and they have pictures of him in Italy and France with his bike and that is where John’s son got the idea to build his Heist like this.

As you can see from below, John and his son Roger, have both been around motorcycles for a long time.

here’s a pic of John and Roger riding home from Roger’s last day of kindergarten!!  Awesome!!  Tha Heist will be his main mode of transportation.

and a quote from John that we can respect!

“I don’t know how kids today are but when I was in school old muscle was in and I’m glad he enjoys the classics as well.”


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